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2011 - Maximum Rock N' Roll #339, August 2011: Iron Hand - Liquid Assets 7" - Straight forward burly hardcore not far from another record I reviewed this month by RED//RIVER. IRON HAND has less of a crust influence, a more polished sound and multiple vocalists you can sort of understand. “An Ode to No One” is heavy as bricks before it kicks into a modern hardcore sound. The last track is a cover of the SCREAMERS “122 Hours of Fear” and a good one at that. IRON HAND makes it their own with their noisy big sound but it’s clearly more melodic and catchy.

2011 - 'usurper divine' review
Thundermill Collective

2011 - 'usurper divine' review
Elementary Revolt

2011 - demo/'usurper divine' track review
When Was The Last Time We Painted Over The Blood On The Walls?

2009 - review of our demo

2009 - Maximum Rock N' Roll #309, Feb. 2009: Iron Hand - Demo - Heavy HC with a nod to Sweden and a salute to PDX heroes TRAGEDY. What differentiates IRON HAND most from TRAGEDY is the guitar leads - where the former is subtle, IRON HAND's are more commanding and all over the place. The singer is a screamer, and the lyrics touch on the typical issues (e.g., capitalism's ills, etc) but they're written well and it's refreshing to read thought and not just mindless repetition. I enjoyed this the four times I listened to it. (Vinnie)


Check out Brian's appearance on 'Chip's Unnamed Local Band Show' here.

"Liquid Assets" @ Cafe Nine, New Haven CT 9/25/10

"Product Endorsement" @ The Fucking Discovery Zone, New Haven CT 2/24/09

@ The Whitney House, Hartford CT 5/8/10

@ The Whitney House, Hartford CT 5/8/10

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