Monday, March 21, 2011


Fall approaches. Keep an eye on the shows section for updates, hopefully we'll have some more dates coming up soon.

New songs being written for the hypothetical split release w/ Stone Titan. More to come.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Upcoming shows:

9/4/11 @ the Freight Street Gallery, 170 Freight Street, Waterbury CT w/ The Proud Flesh, Tamarin, Wry, Swordmasters of Ginaz, Napoleon Complex, Bludrum, Sea, Ashes Vs. Leaves, Jay Prince (solo), Circle Circle. SHOW STARTS AT 5:30PM

9/19/11 @ the secret location (meet at Redscroll Records to uncover the secret!) w/ Canvas (ex-Call It Arson) & Dead In The Dirt, 7:00pm

10/5/11 @ Dad City, Amherst MA w/ Ashdautas, Kallathon, Dolorvotre, Volahn, The Haunting Presence, Blue Hummingbird On The Left, Kuxan Suum, Shataan, Sangre Y Tierra, & Vucub Cane, 6:00pm, $7

Past shows (very incomplete):

7/14/11 @ the Free Store, New Haven CT w/ Zone, 8pm w/ Sleepy Giant, Zone, Obnoxium

6/29/11 @ the Whitney House, Hartford CT w/ Cervix, Brick Thrower, Zone, 8pm

5/13/11 @ Popeye's Garage (Goffe Street), New Haven CT w/ Misanthropic Noise, Stone Titan, Gowl, all ages, 8pm

4/16/11 @ the Secret Location, Wallingford CT w/ VACCINE, CONFINES, GOWL (meet at Redscroll Records), 8pm

4/9/11 @ Elm Bar (372 Elm Street), New Haven CT w/ Broken, Two Man Advantage (21+), 9pm

11/9/10 @ the Whitney House, Hartford CT w/ Mob47, Parasytic, Oiltanker

6/14/10 @ Daniel Street (21 Daniel St), Milford CT w/ Eyehategod, Nachtmystium, Howl, & Ipsissimus (21+)

6/3/10 @ the Whitney House, Hartford CT w/ Mass Grave, Attentat, Stormcrow

5/8/10 @ the Whitney House, Hartford CT w/ The Body, The Hammer, Escalator

5/4/10 @ WestCo Cafe, Middletown CT w/ Escalator, Glue Machine, The Scroats

2/22/10 @ Cherry Street Station, Wallingford CT w/ Misery Index, Magrudergrind, Starvation


Liquid Assets 7" single Safety Meeting Records - 3 songs (recorded 2010) - 300 copies

Usurper Divine EP - Redscroll Records - 4 songs (recorded 2010) - 300 copies
Free track available for download at

5 Song Demo cassette (recorded December, 2008)- 200 made



2011 - Maximum Rock N' Roll #339, August 2011: Iron Hand - Liquid Assets 7" - Straight forward burly hardcore not far from another record I reviewed this month by RED//RIVER. IRON HAND has less of a crust influence, a more polished sound and multiple vocalists you can sort of understand. “An Ode to No One” is heavy as bricks before it kicks into a modern hardcore sound. The last track is a cover of the SCREAMERS “122 Hours of Fear” and a good one at that. IRON HAND makes it their own with their noisy big sound but it’s clearly more melodic and catchy.

2011 - 'usurper divine' review
Thundermill Collective

2011 - 'usurper divine' review
Elementary Revolt

2011 - demo/'usurper divine' track review
When Was The Last Time We Painted Over The Blood On The Walls?

2009 - review of our demo

2009 - Maximum Rock N' Roll #309, Feb. 2009: Iron Hand - Demo - Heavy HC with a nod to Sweden and a salute to PDX heroes TRAGEDY. What differentiates IRON HAND most from TRAGEDY is the guitar leads - where the former is subtle, IRON HAND's are more commanding and all over the place. The singer is a screamer, and the lyrics touch on the typical issues (e.g., capitalism's ills, etc) but they're written well and it's refreshing to read thought and not just mindless repetition. I enjoyed this the four times I listened to it. (Vinnie)


Check out Brian's appearance on 'Chip's Unnamed Local Band Show' here.

"Liquid Assets" @ Cafe Nine, New Haven CT 9/25/10

"Product Endorsement" @ The Fucking Discovery Zone, New Haven CT 2/24/09

@ The Whitney House, Hartford CT 5/8/10

@ The Whitney House, Hartford CT 5/8/10